Starting January 2022,

FISO will be the umbrella representing internationalisation, inclusivity and wellbeing for students in Eindhoven.

You can reach us through

FISO will also be taking on all responsibilities previously performed by Credo, the umbrella association representing all spiritual and philosophical student associations, aimed towards connecting all life views.

If you have Credo registered within your address book, please replace with the email address listed above.

Our Team

The FISO team for January - September 2022 consists of:

  • Ezra Leeuwenhage
    Chairman of the 1st Board of FISO
  • Tiara AvĂ©
    Secretary of the 1st Board of FISO
  • Miriam Pouwels
    Treasurer and External Affairs Officer of the 1st Board of FISO
  • Christiaan Goossens
    Board Advisor and Chairman of the FISO Supervisory Council